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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 9, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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ing news a continuous downward spiral on wall street the market tanks again all eyes on the overseas markets watching for some sign of stability the latest on the market melt down. >> major traffic concerns as the first phase of the transition begins live outside the marx center. >> desperate search overseas a local woman disappears during his trip to aruba a man on the trip with her said she went missing after a snorkeling trip the woman's boyfriend joins us to talk more about her disappearence. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. >> let's head outside and take a look at this horizon we are off to yet another warm and muggy start august th, 2011 -- 9th, 2011. >> i am tony perkens in for alison seymour. doctor will vouch for that.
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more hazeness. as we looked out to the west, cloud cover moving in more clouds than yesterday showers and thunderstorms returning to tuesday afternoon forecast. show you the satellite radar, cloud cover really starting to move in from the west and rain showers not far away portions of west virginia this is a warm front we will see how well this holds together if it does it can bring us rain showers as early at 11 then we will get a bit of a break and another cold front will get in here late today and can spark off another round of showers and thunderstorms need the umbrella a good chance of showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. temperatures, yeah, not too comfortable, 78 right now, humidity 68% winds out of the west 3 miles per hour your forecast today another hot one highs low to mid-90s. 93 in the city 95 fredericks
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burg. 89. good looking five day let's do some traffic good morning julie. >> we have our hand full of accidents especially out west authorities checking for a crash at that location and accident activity travelling northbound 28, approaching the dulles toll road follow police direction to squeeze by there and of course the car fire at will lard road west of 28 you need to watch out for 66 it on the brakes, traveling in from business 234, outer loop below speed, 95 college park that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a lot of people wondering if the free fall will end it today investors cautiously watching over the seas market. they are seeing some signs of stability.
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doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> the bargain hunters could return to the market but nerves are shattered on wall street and here in washington hours after the dow had its sixth worst point decline ever president obama showed up at an exclusive washington fund raiser no cameras allowed, he echoed comments he made at the white house earlier in the day hoping to settle the markets. >> so it is not a lack of plans or policies that is a problem it is lack of political will in washington. >> looking at the dow as the president spoke another plummet as he walked away wall street didn't exactly swell with confidence. >> then to add insult to injury you didn't take any question -- he didn't take any questions and pulled his i will be here all week routine and walked away from the dais. if the object was to instill
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confidence he did anything but. investors had time to vent but there were fears of another global recession. >> it is all about news there is no good news. >> so much so, gold seen as a safe harbour shot way up today president obama will meet with embattled treasury secretary tim geithner but wall street will pay closer attention to a meeting at the federal reserve. if ben bernanke has any ideas to get the market and economy moving again. >> they want the fed to give some indication how long interest rates will stay at or near 0 in washington doug luzader fox news. >> joining us with a look at the latest market performance and whether politics at play here jeff mason, correspondent for route rot -- receiptors,
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standard & poors were political they were specific getting into politics of what has gone on here in the u.s., debt ceiling debate and all that kind of thing are politics really playing a role in our u.s. credit rating, markets dropping and fluctuating. >> clearly they are that is one thing the president and administration in general is upset about with s&p down grade because it seemed to emphasize the fact that politics were effecting washington's ability to tackle deficits. i would assume those are conversations they have had any way amongst themselves but this was public. >> it was indeed, when president obama talked about it yesterday he said we don't need a ratings issue to tell us this is something in washington we know but feels it is something they are addressing. >> is it unusual we are hearing now from others as well that it
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might be our very political profit and how it works or more accurately how it some times doesn't work having some serious ramifications for us and elsewhere as well. >> i think it hits a nerve it hits a nerve something that both sides agree is an issue and clearly we saw that play out last couple weeks in the debt deficit debate but to see it lead to a down grade and has the very clear effect of hurting markets today or yesterday and on friday it is painful. >> downward spiral seems there is a bit of a vicious cycle going on we drop europe and asia drop how do we get out of this. >> wish i had the answer to that there is lots of factors going on s&p is one of them economic weakness both in the u.s. and europe and elsewhere is playing a big role as well they feed into each other and all of those factors come in together and hurt the market. >> in 10 seconds can we take some solace yesterday investors did seem to go towards u.s.
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treasury bonds. >> the white house would say this is an example that the u.s. is still a triple-a country even if s&p doesn't believe so. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> steve. >> the sinking market is driving down the cost of oil translating to lower prices at the pump. average national prices could be somewhere between $3.3.50 a gallon in the next few weeks in the area today an average for a gallon in dc, 3 .8 8-cents a gallon. >> the president will be in springfield announcing new fuel efficiency standards for work trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles it will save businesses in fuel costs it will take effect beginning with 2014 model years. another big story this morning the first phase of the back transition begins today. the long awaited move of
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defense workers, stirring up traffic concerns. stacy good morning. >> reporter: good morning this is always a busy place to be 200,000 folks commute up and down 395 every single day now with the addition of this large new building that will eventually be 6,000 extra commuters on that stretch of roadway that has been cause for concern the first wave of emily owes arrived for work today. -- employees arrived for work today. what is happening? a number of transit projects in the work a new bus service between the pentagon and marx center free dash bus from king street to this area to relieve problems $20 million coming from the pentagon for temporary solutions governor mcdonald established a task force to examine any traffic occurrences and implement new strategies to include changes in traffic signals, widening ramps, pedestrian alternatives there is a plan for an $80 million ramp to be built from 395 to
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the mark center but all those solutions are in the future now is today when the workers are arriving here thank goodness it is summer traditionally a lighter traffic pattern all workers, all 6,000 will be in place by early next year i am stacy cohen back to you. making headlines the search for a local woman missing in aruba, robin gardener vacationing on the island when she disappeared a week ago today. >> a man travelling with her is in police custody for questioning, sarah. >> that man, also from frederick was trying to leave the island last friday when he was detained he told authorities 35-year-old robin gardener never made it back to shore after the two went snorkeling investigators took him back to that snorkeling spot in the extreme southern part of the island he told them they swam out until they couldn't touch he said he then
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started to swim back when he reached the shore he noticed garden was not with him -- gardener was not with him and called police these are pictures of the search that has gone on in aruba. he was apparently with investigators as they searched the sea and beach sunday as for the relationship between the two, he claims they met on a dating website gardeners mother was in aruba to meet with police she returned to the u.s. last night now also we are hearing abow ban authorities are getting ready to ask the fbi for assistance. gardener has a boyfriend of 2.5 years, richard forester he has a lot of questions about this trip, investigation and suspect police detained for questioning he will join us live in our next half hour steve over the you. >> thanks very much. 10 minutes past the hour the wave of violence in england continues rioting spread beyond london. plus still getting to know some of the new faces we will
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see this football season coming up next dave ross sits down for a one on one with the new defensive end, jar voice jenkins. >> as we head to break, the belt way is in good shape. the latest weather and traffic coming up. 10 minutes past the hour ouewti
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7:14 a.m. there is a live lookout side i believe that is the washington monument that we can barely see there. due to the haze. more hazy conditions this morning than yesterday more humid out too. >> we might see some real moisture out there today right tucker? >> you got it, yeah rain, per
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harps thunderstorms and a lot more -- perhaps thunderstorms and a lot of cloud cover today is a transition day hang in there a bumpy ride for the next day or so and then in for a great stretch toward the end of the week all in all not a terrible forecast could always use more rain as well. >> let's get to the maps rain showers moving in from the west. clouds are often moving in as you watch off to the east and south, a little bit of sunshine partly to mostly cloudy day today, we will see how well this first batch of rain holds together as it crosses the mountains it is possible we can get showers as early as 11 maybe noon then another chance for a round of showers and thunderstorms, a little later today bottom line be prepared for possibility of showers on and off throughout the day temperature regan national in the 70s. 78 degrees regan national, 73 win chester, 70 ocean city
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right to the 5 day forecast, 93 today i will be honest if the cloud cover thickens, we will be upper 80s to 90s. 92 tomorrow we step it down a notch 85 low thursday, friday and saturday looks pretty good maybe saturday,. fantastic. >> let's check with julie wright. >> wait a minute who had that deep yeah almost sounded like barry white. >> that was me julie. >> why don't you talk like that all the time [ laughter ] >> because it hurts. >> you can't brave blame a girl for trying -- blame a girl for trying. accident route 7, that is where you will find police activity be careful heading inbound toward the capitol belt way in towards tyson area. we have reports there was a car fire louis road west of 28th whatever is there is being
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cleared. on 66 from 234 past virginia visitor center, 395 north of duke street, more traffic coming across the inbound bridge. inbound, lanes are open traffic delays looking northeast to northwest, southbound dw parkway, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. couple more practices until is skins play their first preseason game. >> unbelievable we are still getting to know some to have new faces in camp. dave ross is live at red skins park. >> good morning steve and tony do you have any nicknames, t perks gets wanters about steve you have one. >> no,. >> i know tony's but not yours. >> f shen. >> doesn't roll off the tongue.
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>> no, it doesn't. a guy jarvis jenkins out here has a unique one you will find out about that more. this guy so far he has been turning heads in camp he is a big guy and can move and hopefully can be replacement for one day albert hayesworth, jarvis jenkins, meet him now. jarvis jenkins, coming from south carolina thanks for taking the time out second of all i guess the heat doesn't bother you. >> no, i am used to it. >> you are 6'4", 309. >> yes, sir. >> why don't they round up or down? >> i don't know man. >> what is the specifics. >> 300 is 300. >> what should red skins fans expect from you. >> i am a hard point, physical attack, i am learning from these older guys the london fletchers and all these guys telling me, to rush so one thing i am learning is getting
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better in pass rush. >> is that your favorite thing to do? >> get physical man. >> it will me about this defense i guess for you, you know being a rookie it been a change from college always is but so far are you adjusting well? >> it is going good clemson we ran some times in our scheme but this is very particular you know, i have to maintain and have that guy so it is a man on man defense. >> you mention some of the other guys, some of the veterans what have they told you about the adjustment period and things you will have to do to be great. >> don't rush it take your time study on your off time main thing on your off time you have a couple minutes before lunch pick up your playbook, maybe an hour or so before you go to bed. little things matter. >> it is that intensive you are
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constantly studying when you get down times the not down times the study time. >> exactly while you are studying there could be another guy sleepling. how excited are you to be here and be an impact player. you get a fresh start here. i love it man i am ready to get this defense shooting off like i am supposed to be. wow number one defense. >> i like it. >> got to tell us some nicknames what have you got? >> some of those guys call me man tower yesterday but i mean at clemson they called me j 3. >> j 3. >> you don't want to be jt 3. yeah. >> j 3 and man tower because you have been dominating. >> you like that one? >> i like that man child. >> and the man child. >> at 309 pounds, he sat in the same chair i am sitting in so the weight is well distributed
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he is not some big out of shape guy he is in very good shape at 309 pounds i am going to round up and call myself an even 200 thing i can get away with that? >> not a chance. >> at the dmv i can fill it out say 6'4" 200. >> he might get away with it there. >> first game friday night red skins they have not practiced with full pads get up full contact kind of stuff is this a walk through friday? seems to me other teams are ready to go. >> certain guys do want to go like barry cofield went up to shanahan and whispered i want to play friday certain guys do want to play. new free agents want to prove what they can do in burgundy and gold i expect some of those guys to play but it comes down to beck and grossman will they
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playquarter half -- one quarter, half a quarter. >> a friend of mine went to practice yesterday afternoon the first thing he saw was rex grossman throw an interception. >> well, it happened. >> yes, it does back on the sidelines a good season lots to look forward to. >> yes, we will talk to grant paulson next hour rex has had a propensity to throw the ball to the other team in times past we know shanahan wants to limit turn overs to beck if he can do that better. all right thanks dave. 7:22 a.m. on tuesday morning we all may remember a certain police escort for a certain actor named charlie sheen now one top cop has taken a fall for it. we have that story still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> they thought they had a lead now it appears to be a dead end in the famous db cooper case what the fbi is saying about dna evidence. >> learning about mixed martial arts holly is live in arlington
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getting a sneak peek on the upcoming ultimate fighting championship. we will check with her when fox 5 morning news continues
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in london the prime minister calling an emergency session of parliament to deal with riots and looting there past three nights gangs of young people have been burning buildings, burning cars, facing off with riot police last night the violence spread beyond london to birmingham and liver pool and other cities. latest lead in the hunt for db cooper lead to another dead end dna testing failed to link a new suspect to the 1971 sky jacking the fbi compared dna on a neck tie left on the plane, to dna of someone in the new suspect's family, after a woman in oklahoma claimed her late uncle might be responsible for
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the crime the fbi cautioned the test does not necessarily rule out the deceased man because there are three samples on the tie. it is 26 minutes after the hour potential set back in dcs all hands on deck initiative, we will explain that coming up. a local woman vacationing in aruba vanishes now a man also with ties to the area is being questioned. up next the boyfriend of the missing woman live in the studio with us. as we head to the break, another live lookout side, as we take a look at traffic heading into the district on the 14th street bridge. julie will have the latest traffic and tucker the latest weather
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in less than two weeks martin luther king junior national memorial opens to the public. a project years in the making most know the civil rights iconthey have learned in history books. >> he touched lives on a personal level we want to hear your stories whether you met dr. king took part in the civil
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rights movement or have special memories of life here in the 60s go to to share your memories upload pictures, use a web cam to tell us your story, in a video. let's check with -- >> sorry? >> that is going to live on our website for some time. >> yes, it is great opportunity to share some memories and videos as well. >> tucker what is happening outside. >> heat, humidity and ever present possibility of rain showers moving in from the west. enthough i mentioned this is a day of transition we will have a much nicer air regime later. >> i could use that next week much nicer air regime. >> right to the headlines and start with clouds moving in. more clouds in fact forecast today yesterday turned out yesterday mostly cloudy. a few peeks of sunshine east of the city to start your morning, hot and humid, another one of
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these days temperatures low 90s. you will notice humidity back yesterday we got a bit of a break during the afternoon winds shifted out of the north and northwest. i got to be honest we have showers out to our west and some of those could get in here late this morning and early afternoon as we have been talking about all morning nice end to the week a beautiful ending as we have temperatures mid-80s. much lower hood mity lots of sunshine by -- lower humidity, lots of sunshine. 80 degrees regan national, off to the north and west, upper 60s. low 70s. frederick and martins burg, 70 your temperatures will be held back a little farther west and north you go. all right cloud cover and with it the possibility of showers, seasonal sky -- we will see how
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well this shield of rain holds together as it approaches the washington area later this morning and early this afternoon this is actually a warm front. you will not see it well but a cold front out here, there you go back to the west and this will get in here later today. a couple chances for rain first batch in here late this morning early this afternoon and then if we don't get showers and thunderstorms redeveloping, probably time for the evening rush hour. your forecast showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast lots of clouds hazy, hot and humid, 93 your daytime high, winds out of the south, 5 miles per hour later tonight early shower or thunderstorm clear out overnight warm temperatures mid-70s overnight lows and winds shifting from the north. >> your 5 day forecast a little better, sunshine still in the 90s secondary cold front gets in here late in the day tomorrow and that will cool us down for thursday, friday and saturday mid-80s. low humidity, bright sunshine.
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>> speaking of, long time traffic and a smile on her face julie has your latest. >> if temperatures continue to drop you won't need to fix the ac in your car. >> exactly thanks julie for pointing that out. >> only guy i know driving a mercedes-benz with no ac. >> wish i had a mercedes. >> well, you didn't want me to call it a hoopti did you. traffic backed up slow and steady 195 out of laurel, bw parkway, earlier incident gone. >> eastbound 66, slow traffic monassis. leaving 123 out of vienna we mentioned problems, a car fire, crash route 7, all that activity has cleared, our lanes are open, inner loop of the belt way spotty delays outer loop crash at telegraph road on the shoulder, delays from
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van dooren street. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. here is a look at this mornings top stories after nearly 200 years the house page program will not exist the $5 million a year expense can't be justified, when messages and other materials are delivered electronically it offered high schoolers the chance to serve as messengers and learn about congress the senate page program will continue. dc police commander in charge of the unit that provided a controversial escort for charlie sheen has been demoted he was transferred from special operations to police and fire clinic after he was told the chief lost faith in his ability to lead the demotion comes a little over a month after burton publicly disagreed with the chief over practices for escorts during testimony in front of city council. a desperate search in the caribbean for a woman from our
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area, 35-year-old robin gardener of frederick maryland vanish niched last week a man she went to -- vanished last week a man she went with to aruba, said he never saw her after a snorkeling trip. >> richard i am guessing you are trying to put the pieces together yourself. >> yes. >> what have you found out? >> a lot is just what i read in articles, and a bit from local police and family members they have to be pretty quiet as far as the ongoing investigation i am sure there is some sort of political reasons because of natalee holloway case they are not letting a lot of information out. what i originally read is that they were snorkeling and that he made it back to shore and she didn't, the article yesterday i read was that they were walking out in the water up until they couldn't stand any more decided to swim back
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he swam back and she wasn't there. he went to make the alert. odd part is by the time he went to make the alert, he had shoes and socks on already, just to point out knowing her as well as i do, as everyone can see she is quite beautiful and somewhat vain and i can't imagine she was snorkeling at 6:00 p.m. at night, she would just for the fact that she would get her hair messed up or make up messed up she wouldn't do it when we would travel you know i couldn't get her in the pool past her waist so something is odd there. >> you don't believe the story at all? >> not one bit. >> any idea what you thing might have happened? >> well, i have done a little investigation on gary jordano just myself looking at the
7:38 am site there is a history of violence, protective orders, theft, where he actually served a little bit of time just from what i could tell i believe he lives somewhere in good faithers burg i have seen a -- gaithersburg burg i have seen an address >> we don't want to say anything about him before we know facts in this case we will let facts come out but you were not aware she was with him. >> no, i was not. >> tell us about robin you told us a little bit about the fact she might not have gone in the water but what else would folks want to know about robin? >> just full of life, happy, bring a smile to anybody's face, vivacious, will find the good in anything, you know, we all have our own personal crosses to bare her crosses she wore and treated them like a champion.
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>> she was from mount airy, and then moved to frederick some years back while she was married, and then for about the past 7 or 8 months she has virtually been living with me and bethesda. >> how did you find out about what happened? did some body contact you? authorities? >> no, what happened was, she was supposed to come home thursday, the last i heard from her was tuesday, afternoon, on a facebook message about 3:00 p.m., between 2 and 3:00 p.m., and then after that, i didn't hear from her tuesday night, wednesday, thursday, i was getting a little -- first i was a little angry and then i was worried, and then about 3:00 a.m. in the morning friday i reached out to her brother through facebook and sent him a message saying i haven't heard from robin in a couple days she was supposed to be home last night i don't want to alarm you but do you know anything he called me on a friday morning and had
7:40 am
alerted me that aruban government or authorities contacted her mother and reported she was lost at sea and that at that point her mother had already gotten there on thursday night and then i believe friday another relative met her down this as well. >> i know this is a tough time richard for you and robin's family right now i know there is a facebook page i believe her family put up to try to get information. >> her brother did i just learned of that this morning. >> so that is out there as well as you mentioned apparently authorities telling you fbi and interpoll other agencies getting involved hopefully they come up with answers at some point soon. >> thank you. >> richard forester thanks for being with us we will pass along more information as we get it as well. the loss from the downing of a helicopter in afghanistan hits very close to home one of the navy seals killed has strong ties to north earn virginia we will -- northern
7:41 am
virginia we will hear from his wife next. >> details of a popular singer in the hospital reports he was attacked by thugs and hit by a taxi. in our 9:00 a.m. hour the new miss black usa just crowned last night here in the nations capitol we will talk with her. 7:40 a.m., we will be right back
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we are hoping you get a great deal on food we are talking about today's my fox half off deal $30 worth of food and drink at world of wings, for only $15. to get in on this deal go to my fox half make sure you select washington as your city,. all right. >> wings. >> pick up good food good any time of the day. 7:44 a.m., need a way to cool off my friend. >> yes, we do i got it later in the week. it will still be hot and humid high temperatures right around the 90-degree mark maybe some showers and thunderstorm that is will cool you down. they are not far away.
7:45 am
thundershower and thunderstorm activities moving in from the west side. really no activity with this initial batch but the showers moving into the mountains, win chester, martinsburg. we will see how well this holds together as it crosses the mountains and gets into the washington baltimore area, shower activity arrives late morning. future cast and i will show you what the computer suggesting, in the way of rain here later today you can see already cloud cover moving in, yeah, looks like around 11:00 a.m. we will get at least some scattered showers, in the warning on the area and then a bit of -- washington area and then a bit of a break middle to have day and then watch showers and thunderstorms redevelop. you can see the scattered nature of the shower and thunder storm activity. it will not rain every minute but certainly more cloudy with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast hazy hot and humid. >> highs later today, low to
7:46 am
mid-90s. 90s again tomorrow more sunshine thursday, friday and saturday, spectacular mid-80s overnight lows in the 60s. and you can see very quiet stretch here. maybe we have finally broken the heat for at least a time as we get into wednesday night. >> that will be great end of the week looks fantastic. >> couldn't ask for more. >> thank you. >> let's will be at what is happening on the roads. >> all right, bumper to bumper to bumper slow in virginia. if you are travelling the outer loop, coalsville road southbound 95 on the brakes, 198 to the belt way, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic ♪ [ music ] ♪ all right here is a chance flee the big 3d movie hits --
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glee, the big 3d movie hits theatres friday. here is what you have to do to win tickets, answer the trivia question, which subject does mr. issueser teach on glee. to enter go to i said if you watch the show tony. >> go on to the website now until 10:00 a.m., register answer today's questions look for contest under the entertainment tab you must be a legal resident of dc maryland or virginia, be at least 18, two winners will get two tickets to the show glee live 3d. complete rules on >> a lot of rules if the music runs out. >> all right. celebrity sighting coming up later on fox 5 morning news. justin biebers official dee
7:48 am
jay. he will join us live coming up in our 9:00 a.m. hour to tell us what it is like working with justin also show off some of his mash up skills too. live on fox 5 morning news in our 9:00 a.m. hour. >> want to say good morning to carl let us know if we are saying your name right or wrong he says he has been pitching to be our facebook fan of the day for months. today is your lucky day carl thank you for sticking with it. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day post it under carl's photo. all right it is one you have heard of extreme sports, this is ultimate fighting. >> holly learning more about it an upcoming championship and what it takes to be an ultimate fighter. >> well, i think it takes one big set of good moves to be a usc fighter these guys are
7:49 am
tough and we are indeed learning all about it this morning because there is a bis coming up ufc coming for the first time in dc at verizon center we will tell you how to train for something like this, what we can get out of ultimate fighting championship and how you can come see the big match yourself all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
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all right holly adding to her resume learning more about mixed martial arts. >> she is live in arlington virginia where they train athletes of all skill levels including professional ufc fighters take cover holly be careful out there. >> reporter: i know exactly. i am really just being really nice to these guys because i think they can take me. however, after spending a
7:53 am
little time with them you might fear me because i am going to have all the right ufc moves and it is all about ufc in dc as the first big bout will be at verizon center october 1st as you said i am here with lloyd the man himself this is the guy who trains champions he is working with mike easton better known as the hulk. and he is going to make your debut at the october 1st match. >> yes, ma'am. >> you must be excited. >> i can't wait. >> because you are a long time training partner of dominic cruz putting his title on the line october 1st you thing it is time to get a little spotlight. >> yes, it is. >> enough of standing in the wings lloyd i want to talk a little bit about ufc mixed martial arts what it is i know it is super popular, growing, but not everyone might be familiar with it. >> in the beginning a lot of martial arts styles, primarily one style one discipline and
7:54 am
ufc is about mixed martial arts, multiple styles back in america everything was karate, stand up fighting then when mixed martial arts came, 95% of the fight end up on the ground in america, kick boxing once you hit the ground ref free stands you -- referee stands you back up. in mix t martial arts it keeps going you hit the ground keep going in a real fight there is no referee to stay stop. >> we have video that is the big thing people like about it it is real no one is taking a fall, i mean people are going all out are there any rules. >> no biting, no eye gouging other than that elbows allowed pretty much everything is allowed. >> how do you train for things like this.
7:55 am
>> find a gym. i found name clinton maryland i was 17 years old i am 27 now, that was 10 years ago i said i have a dream to fight in ufc age of 17 i came to him and started off from there. >> what does your training entail. >> everything, i box i do a lot of conditioning, jujitsu. wrestle. we are diverse. a lot about this is leverage, right being able to possession your body to get away which we can learn as self- defense. >> 100%, yes. >> master lloyd. >> yes i just learned that from him i need to call you master lloyd this whole time what are you going to show me? >> defense technique if someone comes up and grabs you, if someone tries to grab you and choke you, he relates and is
7:56 am
able to strike attack self- defense is about personal protection. >> you just want to get away maybe a little blow in and get out of there. >> yeah. >> okay let me try it here. >> oh. >> and i'm running. >> oh, my gosh look at that you even went down pretty good. >> one other quick thing. >> if a person is trying to sneak attack you, come from the back they grab you strike and turn and run. >> oh, this time i get to throw the elbow come on mike bring it and i am running. >> as long as my attacker is on the same page with me i think i am okay. >> you are going to be awesome. >> thank you. >> watch it for you october 1st, we have a link to verizon center if you want to get your tickets they go on sale friday in our next hour the two that are going to be part of that premier match,dom neck cruz and mighty mouse johnson will join
7:57 am
us. we will talk to them how tough they are. a toughness test i like it. >> 7:56 a.m. get your shopping lists ready school will be back in session in a couple weeks back to school shopping is under way. >> starting sunday, clothing and school supplies, tax free in maryland. maryland come paroler joins -- comptroller joins us live in studio to give us more on that. stay with us
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8:00 am
>> worst loss ever for the dow 632 of them. >> one navy seal killed in a deadly chopper crash in afghanistan has strong areas to our area. we will hear from his wife in a bit. >> first phase of the back transition. >> glad you are with us on this tuesday morning i am steve. >> i am at the any perkens, alison seymour is off. we are joined by tucker barnes asocial to tell us about our weather muggy -- as usual, to tell us about our weather muggy
8:01 am
start. >> yes, it is not going to rain all day but certainly a possibility back in the forecast for tuesday. so, hd radar and we will take a look at, coming? from the west yeah haggerstown, eastern portions of west virginia, front royal, probably light showers winchester and martins burg we will see if these hold together into the washington area. last couple frames, falling apart a little bit might see scattered showers by late morning early afternoon a cold front, secondary front will come in late this afternoon that could spark off at least the possibility of another round of showers and thunderstorms. >> temperatures now on the muggy side, 80 degrees, humidity at 64%, winds shifting today out of the south, yesterday out of north and west and that dried out the atmosphere for a good portion of the afternoon today notably
8:02 am
more humid than yesterday huge forecast, lots of humidity, highs back low to mid-90s. >> all right very good. >> yeah,. >> thank you. >> something to look forward to. >> hi julie what is going on now. >> what a difference a day makes it is not that bad right now our typical slow downs we have to contend with volume for the most part not looking so bad as you travel between bethesda and tyson's highway. >> in bound, canal road, coming down the hill from arizona you will find your lanes are open no incidents to report. continuing over towards wisconsin avenue same travelling out of virginia, nice easy ride off the key bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we start this hour with the economy in europe, the index still down in germany
8:03 am
france's up a little bit in london up a fraction after speculation the u.s. federal ever has another round of monetary easing. >> this follows the mass sell off on wall street dow down 635 points. jennifer taste has more. >> reporter: it has been a -- jennifer davis has more. >> reporter: it has been a rough start for wall street the dow closed down causing serious ripple e felts around the world as u.s. -- effects around the world. as u.s. markets get ready to open, many wonder what will start the slide. >> asian stocks slid. >> complete melt down is like the financial crisis or the financial tsunami, there is a complete loss of confidence. >> reporter: but as trading wore on overseas markets stabilize somewhat, closing the day with modest losses amid- concerns global leaders are not
8:04 am
doing enough. >> we need to say globally financial stability in those institutions and also need to see a commitment overtime to stronger economic growth. >> even though u.s. stocks were tumbling when the president addressed the nation monday he insisted s&p down grade relied on mistaken math he says he will present recommendations in coming weeks and insist america's economy remains top notch. >> no matter whether some agency may say we have always been and will be a triple-a country. >> republicans argue after the debt ceiling debate and what they see as ineffective reaction it is clear the president has run out of ideas, risking a drop into a double dip recession and needs to get rid of the treasury secretary and start over. >> you need to have some firing if your economic team isn't working you need someone in who know what is to do. >> in addition to closely watching the markets all eyes will be on the federal reserve which meets for a regularly scheduled meeting many will wonder if it will take action.
8:05 am
in washington jennifer davis fox news. the president meantime will be in springfield virginia, he will announce new fuel efficiency standards for work trucks, buses and other heavy duty vehicles the white house says it will save businesses billions in fuel costs taking effect with 2014 models. britain's prime minister calls an emergency session of parliament in response to the spreading riot as britain is burning : david cameron cut short his vacation and is recalling parliament back from vacations, for three nights in a row gangs of young people have rioted and looted in london last night the violence spread to birmingham, liver pool and other cities police arrested 450 rioters. >> here at home we are learning more about why a maryland psychiatrist killed her 13-year- old son and herself in a suicide note she talked about mounting debt and conflicts with her child's school district. family members say she was
8:06 am
upset because the district would not pay tuition costs so her son who had an autism spectrum disorder could go to private school she said in the note she thought ben her son would be permanently traumatized by his mothers suicide. one of the navy seals killed in afghanistan over the weekened had strong tie to our area, aaron vaughn was a member of navy seal team six and lived with his wife son and 8 week old daughter in virginia beach his wife says there are so many things she will remember about her husband. >> it is funny the things you remember, the smell of their skin, the way they walk and you know just come in the door and put their keys down. those little things that i will miss. i just remember him climbing into his truck and telling me he would see me soon. and how much he loved me and
8:07 am
the kids. so i will always value and cherish that moment, the last moments that i got to spend with him. >> aaron was on a 4 month deployment to afghanistan he left in late june and would have been back in october. first phase to relocate thousands of defenseworkers starts today a new plan is in place to help ease traffic concerns stacy cohen is live in alexandria may have just lost her shot if we don't get it back we will talk to her in a little bit about what is happening. >> in the meantime nationwide man hunt under way for sibling fugitives two brothertheir sister accused of bank robbery and shooting at officers, we will show you dash cam video plus ground caving in at a construction site in virginia causing big problems for people living in a nearby apartment building. >> quarterback competition in washington continues training camp is well under way who has
8:08 am
the leg up. dave ross will join us live from red skins park. it is 8:07 a.m., we will be right back
8:09 am
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8:11 am
back now take a look at this police dash cam video from florida, in a white car crosses the parking lot police say is a group of siblings being chased after robbing a bank last tuesday they fired at least seven shots at the police car a large man hunt is under way for these people, dillon, lee and ryan their mother yesterday publicly urged them the surrender. road crews rushing to fix a sinkhole. it caused cracks in a nearby apartment building, the residents are going to have to stay at a hotel across the street. tucker barnes standing by to tell us what is happening
8:12 am
with today's weather forecast but first, a little cool down. >> yes, the cool down factor good morning. let's get right down to business because we got to cool it down. >> it is a two fer. >> it is time for my first 5 photo of the day 3-year-old steven everybody. with his baby sister karisma. >> cute. >> she was just one month old when this photo was taken as you can tell he is clearly happy to be a big brother. >> very very cute. >> mm-hmm. >> he will protect her as she grows older. >> that is a very cute picture. >> maybe that is why he has a big smile on his face. >> all right steve and karisma very cute family steven take good care of your sister as she gets older.
8:13 am
to send us your child's picture go to click on mornings. get down to business and take a look at radar you can see across the area, we should have music going right through the weather presentation sentinel radar showing shower activity don't be concerned we are picking up humidity in the atmosphere out to the west that is rain showers hitting the ground and it is likely here by late morning we will see scattered showers start to move in to immediate washington area already reports of rain in haggerstown, martins burg and winchester we will watch this band of rain showers across the mountains over the next couple hours let's do temperatures and 81 degrees regan national warming up 76 baltimore, 73 winchester, 78 ocean city, more clouds than yesterday partly to mostly cloudy day today, might see a few periods of sunshine during the course of the day and warm with highs low to mid- 90s look up for possibility of
8:14 am
showers and thunderstorms a cool down starts wednesday early thursday, thursday, friday, saturday, beautiful temperatures mid-80s. okay that is a look at your forecast, on time traffic and julie wright has got your latest what is going on. >> not a lot if you are travelling the belt way in each direction to and from the wilson bridge we cleared out those travelling van dooren across the bridge, 295, traffic at malcolm x headed to that long term worns, tieing up the center of the -- works, tieing up the center to have roadway. just a little below speed here in the mainline. belt way runs without incident 66 better than expected this hour, fair oaks headed in toward 123, 270 cleared out, german town to the split that is a check of fox 5
8:15 am
on time traffic. will recall the julie thank you -- all right julie thank you very much. >> red skins training camp picking back up. >> dave ross is live at red skins park with a special guest good morning dave. >> tony last hour you said your buddy here at camp the first thing you saw was rex grossman you are wondering who might be the starting quarterback come friday a guy who might have some of those answers, grant paulson. thank you for joining us my friend. >> pleasure to be here. >> answer tony's questions is rex going to get this job? what do you think? >> i think he will and get friday's initial nod by default if john beck is not fully participating in practice, he will not go on friday night. rex grossman is an all season jammed into a few weeks is more familiar with this team he operated the offence at a high
8:16 am
level, extrapolated totals out, 4400-yard so numbers are fine the problem is he needs to control his offence and not turn the football over and he has never been able to cut down on turn overs. >> he says he will work on that this year not the same risk taker he has been in years past and we believe he can change his stripes. >> it is hard to assume that will be the case he said that in the past and never been able to. 34 starts, 41 games in the league under his belt at this point he may be what he is the question becomes, do you go with that high risk and try to make big plays or reel in this offence a little bit and coaching stuff does it expect beck to protect the football even if yards may shrink. >> let's talk about john beck he has the groin situation it would be smart to hold him out is there something we need to worry about long term? >> i think just bad timing. this is not any kind of lengthy
8:17 am
enquiry he told me last couple days pain has gone away. >> it rolls out. >> right quarterbacks coach says one thing that separates beck from the rest of the guys in camp is athleticism and mobility. if he can't do those things friday night you can't allow him to play because not only is he hurting the offence. >> can't do it. >> year two with the shanahans, kyle running offence and mike. do you think they will pick up offence better in year two than one. >> i think they have to there is a camaraderie now that wasn't here continuity especially along the offensive line trent williams should play better than his rookie season. corey struggled last year he is the guy they are expecting because of his athleticism and his own steam to improve immensely they are updating the right guard, still questions
8:18 am
about montgomery taking over, offensive line is where they have to make their biggest drive last year their quarterbacks were hurried, second mostly in nfl only the jacksonville jaguars did a worse job they didn't run the ball effectively enough, kyle shanahan said that is what they want to do. >> grant you have been out here a couple years covering this team day in and day out what is the best part about being a red skins. >> doing something i enjoy if i wasn't out here i would be online watching your programs and following the tweets because i love football. i just signed up last night for my fifth fantasy not ball league. >> at that particular time ski geek >> i don't do well in any of them. >> i multitask too much i don't know how many red skins i will have. >> because you are always with the players yesterday you were hounded for autographs. >> i signed an autograph a guy
8:19 am
says come on over. he listens all the time i thought that was it thank you so much and hall is right next to me and the guy is like you don't want to sign an autograph i said i don't mind but please don't make me ruin this hat. here i am next to hall and hall looks overat me and all i can think is punk what is he doing trying to sign an autograph. >> grant paulson signing autographs for the fans out here if you come out it is open to the public i promise grant will sign after practice with the players back to tony and steve. >> you don't want to sign a piece of paper here is your hat and then here is grant's piece of paper. >> all right thank you guys. >> all right thanks grant. >> 7:19 a.m., make it 8:19 a.m. on a tuesday morning a new feature to help you save cash. >> brand new deal up for grabs tell you how it all works coming up next on fox 5. >> also holly getting a lesson in self-defense, where they train some pretty impressive
8:20 am
folks impressional ufc fighters, coming up
8:21 am
8:22 am
>> every tuesday and thursday find new deals on save you money. >> let's head down to the net
8:23 am
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know what our deals are without having to go to the page yourself. talk a little bit about this wow cafe it is near fedex field so good time to eat wings of course is during the football game or before it head out there, they've got 17 different signature sauces, all kinds of food, they've got fajitases, cassidy yeahs, ribs something to check out as we head into football season if you purchase this deal if you share it with your friends you get a bonus a $5 credit after your friend's first purchase and they get $5 for signing up do it through e- mail, twitter or facebook just follow the links it is pretty easy to figure out head to look for my fox half off. tony, steve, want you to know i am pretty sure fox employees are eligible you can get wings. >> love it. >> never had a bad day when there is wings involved.
8:25 am
>> that's right. >> red skins game friday perfect to go out there friday. >> yep. >> take it to the stadium. speaking of deals a deal on back to school shopping we will talk about that and joined by maryland comptroller. a popular singer wakes up in hospital who was attacked by thugs and hit by a taxi. >> that is a bad night. >> real bad night. >> in our 9:00 a.m. hour the brand new newly crowned, miss black usa and when we say mean last night right here in the nations capitol we got her up early and with us. 8:25 a.m.
8:26 am
8:27 am
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8:28 am
a local woman vacationing in aruba has vanished 35-year- old robin gardener disappeared last week, a man from frederick was on the island with garner
8:29 am
and told authorities she never made it back to shore after the two went snorkeling he has been detained on friday trying to leave the island. gavin degraw was attacked in new york city, new york post reporting a group of thugs assaulted him while out with friends then he was hit by a taxi as he tried to stumble away from the scene the 34-year- old in stable condition supposed to have a concert in up state new york tonight. american marathon swimmer trying to swim from cuba to florida calling it off a tweet from followers says she ended the attempt because of high winds. 62-year-old diana nayad has stopped her swim after 29 hours in the water. >> still impressive. >> yeah. >> she made these long swims before. >> tried this one 30 years ago. >> yeah, she will try again. >> 29 hours in the water, i can't imagine that. >> 29 minutes in the water.
8:30 am
>> hard. >> of course. >> yeah. >> that must be tiring. >> but you are in good shape. >> swimming is tiring. >> but you work out every day. >> i hasn't thought about it that far. >> when do you sleep. >> how do you not sleep. >> no shark cage either. >> this is why no one has ever done it before. >> has to be a challenge involved. >> all right you got some weather. >> yes, showers moving in from the west and certainly, the threat of rain showers, maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast all day today here is the other change clouds moving in a lot -- certainly more clouds than yesterday, more clouds in the forecast, there is your headline, just read that, yesterday hot and humid conditions continue, humidity on the increase as well as winds shift out of the south, out to the west morning showers and storms and then see some
8:31 am
more thunderstorms redevelop. you want nice weather a beautiful end of the week bright sunshine, low hue mdty and high temperatures -- humidity and high temperatures only in the mid-80s. it will get nice around here for a change temperature at regan national, 81 degrees, 73 in gaithersburg, 79 leonard town, annapolis, 60s overnight. rain showers winchester and martins burg currently low 70s. >> sentinel set, shower activity moving in, cloud cover you can see it moving across the belt way at this moment and it will be a partly to mostly cloudy day, might be peeks of sunshine later this afternoon. this band is associated with warmer air a cold front trailing north and west. can't pick it out terribly well but it is out towards cleveland and that will be moving in late this afternoon a couple opportunities for showers and thunderstorms then it will
8:32 am
quiet down for the middle and end of the week. 93 this afternoon showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast 92 tomorrow humid day tomorrow secondary cold front will dry it out end of the week, 85, thursday 86, back in the 60s. okay that is a lock at the forecast steve back to you. get your shopping lists ready to go maryland's tax free weekend starts this week. good to see you when you stop by. >> thank you. >> let's start with good news how to save money. >> yes back to school. >> well, it is a great policy, starting this sunday, for a week, people can go and shop for clothing or footwear, back to school for their families and not pay the 6% sales tax that maryland normally charges. and you know, the state will lose a little bit of money, maybe $15 million boogies a
8:33 am
great boost to local stores and families -- boost to local stores and families, hammered by the recession and now the debt down grade and stock market falling this is a little ray of good light from the state of maryland to constituents we hope people come from virginia and the district and take advantage it is a good deal buy 10 items or 20 items as long as they are under $100 you don't pay the 6% sales tax. >> a couple questions to follow up, first you don't have to be a maryland resident. >> no, come on in and shop in our wonderful state from this sunday, to the following saturday august 14th to 20th. >> let's talk about the mind set that goes into this we have seen and you have mentioned the tax losses are petty substantial, talking about $15 million some other states and areas, decided to do away with it they felt that was too strong what was the mind set in
8:34 am
maryland. >> i think the mind set was just to help citizens because, obviously the economy is bad and help small retailers that sell foot ware and clothing the problem we are facing now is that consumers look at the stock market they look at debt down grade for the united states government first time in history, look at unemployment in maryland and it rattles them we want to give them a break give them a reason to come and shop, open their wallets up and get people to come back and maybe there will be some return shopping but we are pretty sure that it is a good deal for the state, based on the increased economic activity. >> last couple years we have been wrecked and all over the place how are things now, you know, before we looked at the disaster we saw yesterday on the stock market but how have things been coming back around or are we still facing problems. >> like the federal government we are spending too much, borrowing too much right on the edge adds far as all our credit limits frankly i think the
8:35 am
political system in washington broken like it is it has a ripple effect down into the state of maryland. we are watching it closely in maryland, like some other states, we have not paid enough attention to the private sector economy and job development, we have been focused on the public sector, we need to shift now and get as much attention paid to private sector as possible keep taxes down keep spending and debt down to extend we can get our public budgets in order but most of all just help businesses and instead of being kind of adversary, help them create jobs we have a real serious unemployment problem in maryland. >> not just unemployment but bigger problem with the economy when we see what happened here in washington on the federal level you mentioned the trickle down when it comes to mu any bonds, will -- muni bonds will we see that. >> sadly we worked hard for a triple-a bond rating in maryland through no fault of
8:36 am
our own we will down graded in the future because we are linked like this to the federal government this enormous federal investment in maryland but because of the down grade at the federal level we will likely at some point see a down grade of maryland's state bonds and also, municipal bonds i emphasize once again it is not the public budget, or maryland economy it is the private sector we ignored them in our fascination -- we have not ignored them but concentrate mostly on the public side how much stimulus money we are getting how much federal grants and federal employment, private sector will lead us into economic recovery. >> are reminder of -- a reminder of the good news, information on our website thanks for being here once again. >> hopefully the economy turns back around and make your job a little easier. >> we have our fingers crossed. >> back the you.
8:37 am
thank you very much speaking of jobs dc residents can get a leg up on finding a job we will share detales next plus end of a tradition on capitol hill why congressional leaders are doing away with congressional pages. >> celebrity sighting coming up later on fox 5 morning news, vj james, justin biebers official dj now you can catch him on wtgc friday night he will join us live to talk about what it is like working with justin and show us some of his mash up skills too.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
today's job of the day with caribou coffey in bethesda looking for a shift supervisor. one of many available with caribou coffey. dc delegate eleanor holmes norton's annual job fair being held today workshops start at 9:30 a.m., go until 11:00 a.m. the job fair is from 11 to 3:00 p.m. more than 100 public and private employ years with --
8:41 am
employers with job openings are participating bring proof you live in the district. house page program on capitol hill ending this summer after nearly 200 years. leaders say the $5 million a year expense cannot be justified when messages and other materials they would usually deliver are delivered electronically it offered high schoolers the chance to serve as messengers and learn about congress at the same time they will still continue the senate page program. >> i understand why they are ending it times are tough but too bad for students. >> it was great. >> sure was. >> less than two weeks to go before the martin luther king memorial opens on the national mall. >> president and ceo will join us with more on events public can take part in. also check with holly. hey, in less than two months this belt will be on the
8:42 am
line a ufc world championship belt, goes to the bantam weights that will be fighting october 1st, verizon center the man hoping to take it from the defending champion, depee industry yous johnson getting in a morning work out we will talk about his chances and how he goes to being a ufc fighter next stay with us
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
august 28th will mark the 48th anniversary of the march on washington and dr. martin luther king junior's historic i have a dream speech that will also be the day of the dedication of martin luther king junior's national memorial. harry e johnson senior, president of the martin luther king junior project foundation joins us to talk about the memorial and events heading up to the dedication. we wanted to have you on for quite some time it has been a very busy period we are happy you are here first of all congratulations as the day
8:46 am
nears. before we get into specifics this is something you have been working on you have been the president and ceo of this organization since 2002. >> correct. >> what are your thoughts as we get close to that. >> i think just the thought of exsue ration we are pleased with the final -- exyou know ration we are pleased with the final product. >> you all have been very nice allowed us to get in and look at it with some of our camera crews when i am down there i look through the fence every time i am down there to see how much i can see but it looks gorgeous people are going to be impressed. >> they are. i think in spite of some people's thoughts they will be pleased with what they see, happy this is a great addition to our mall folks will just enjoy it very much. >> let's talk about what will go on between now and the dedication ceremony. >> well, between now and dedication still doing a little work planting grass, sod things like that but on that week on
8:47 am
the 24th we will kick off with celebrations, with international salute, the next day a civil rights pioneer, lunch and thursday, at the convention center followed by a grand opening with expo style mayor cutting the ribbon and all the dignitaries, music concerts thursday night a women who had a dream concert friday and then on saturday, we go to the national cathedral for interdenominational service, youth concert and then opening and celebration sunday morning. >> can the public attend the dedication? >> without question plenty of standing room if they go to our website they can click on the link and get a standing room ticket maybe even a seated ticket but then there is plenty of standing room around i think the mayor, park service, interior secretary wants this to be a pleasant experience. >> if i recall reading correctly the president is now
8:48 am
scheduled to be there? >> without question we are welcoming the president so we can turn it more over to him and the interior department. >> memorial itself whenever you put something like this together, it is a big project you are dedicating it but will it be finished? some times these things are not quite done. >> i can guarantee you 99.9% it will be completed. >> very good. >> fundraising for the memorial continues how close are you to reaching that goal. >> $114 million, there is still time for the american public to donate. >> what happens once it is dedicated and open what happens to you and the foundation? >> well, the foundation will continue to educate, drive people to the site. >> once again the date august 28th mlk we will link you to their website for more information if and you are interested in
8:49 am
tickets go to congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for coming in. >> i want to give a quick reminder to viewers we want to hear your stories of the civil rights movement particularly the march on washington if you attended or couldn't but were here following it all, go to to share your memories if you met dr. king or attended any of his speeches we want to hear those memories upload pictures or use a web cam to tell your story in a video and we will feature that at our dedicating the dream page steve back to you. >> all right thank you very much. >> ufc champion dominic cruz will defend his title against demetrius johnson holly is with both competitors this morning i hope you are not choosing sides. >> reporter: no i am keeping the peace we can't have them
8:50 am
both interviewed at the same time they are both here but can't reveal as they gear up for this big match standing next to me, hailing from madsonville kentucky, fighting out of park land washington standing 5'3". >> hey. >> weighing 135 pounds, demetrius, mighty mouse johnson. >> do you have an announcer for your fight yet? i am available. >> tell me a little bit how you got started. >> why? this looks so brutal. >> you know i first got started in this sport i was at home after a college stay, i had ultimate fighter on the rerun or whatever and he had abs and he was in good shape and i was like i need a set of abs i went to the gym and started training and gottfredson hooked up and then it has been history since.
8:51 am
>> owe you did all this for abs couldn't -- you did all this for abs? couldn't a couple crunches worked? >> it did but the whole aspect of fighting and watching mission impossible tom cruise beating everyone up. >> we have professional gearing up for the big bout october 1st as we look at that plain to me your style. >> it is dating back to the greek mythology days they used to fight and basically, the style we like to -- that mac tries to put on us is not it is not jujitsu, not muy thai before all this they had greek romans, we use everything we have, using someone's pressure against us and directing their force to another direction when we can stay at that angle. >> let's give people an idea what you are talking about for
8:52 am
people not familiar with ufc its pay per view is surpassing boxing matches and everything come over here mike so explain what we are seeing and going to do here. >> so this portion is grappling and the theme of mixed martial arts you have a lot of aspect one of the huge themes people will overlook and some people really look into it which is grappling when you see guys go to the ground everyone is like oh, they are just laying on each other i do that in the bedroom with my wife. >> this is a family show. >> sorry that should be g rated but there is more than goes into grappling. one thing i will show you guys usually you end up here where i am now that is called guard but if i break the guard and go here i will start attacking his legs. so what i am going to do is
8:53 am
grab his anklefall back down and i want to keep the pressure on his knee because i am going start isolating his knee and leg and take his leg home with me when i go home to watch, right here we call this a unit lock basically, i massage this nice beautiful strong tendon and put pressure there and forces them and then transition and isolate his knee and go behind here and basically pull and blow all the ligaments out of his leg. >> you can think of all this while you are fighting. >> it is my job. >> is that man really your hero? >> yes, he is. >> listen i know you are eyeing that belt come october 1st see the match yourself our website we have a link to verizon center first ufc bout going on in the nations capitol
8:54 am
tickets go on sale friday he has to get the belt away from that guy right there. dominic cruz we will talk to the bantam weight champion next hour. >> holly my knee hurts describing what he can potentially do to it thank you be safe. >> i can't wait to see what dominic brings a lot coming up next hour newly crowned miss black usa will be with us she just won the title last night you will see her on one of her first appearances. also at 9:00 a.m., dj james who tores with justin bieber, his own personal dee jay and known here in this area. it is 8:54 a.m. td siutceet
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♪[ music ] ♪ >> calling all gleeks the big glee live 3d movie, hits theatres friday a different way to see your favorite stars in concert see them performing there in 3d we will give you a chance to win free tickets if you would like to see an advanced screening tomorrow along with a gift pack of glee collectibles if you want to win know the answer to this trivia question it is what subject does mr. schester teach. now the second part go to our website get that entry in before 10:00 a.m. register answer that trivia question correctly look for contests under the entertainment tab. you have to be a legal resident and 18 or older we will pick
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two winners at random, each will get two tickets to the advance showing tomorrow night. see complete rules on a lot more coming up next hour fox 5 morning news we will turn things over to tony and sarah is back. >> thank you steve. >> a look at stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour. market melt down, the dow ended yesterday down over 600 points, now, all eyes are on the big board this morning, to see how things start today but the news is not all bad we will tell you about the one good thing for consumers to come out of this market mess. there is a hint you will get further for your dollar. >> very good. plus a mystery that sparked interest for decades now we are talking about the db cooper case new evidence had the fbi hoping for a new lead the results are in what the fbi found coming up later. >> dj for one of


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